Master Files – Autopilot for Trial Master Files, Drug Master Files and all other Master Files

Master Files - TMF, SMF, DMF, PSMF

After plenty of feedback from our customers and other interested users, we will develop the Master Files solution module in the coming weeks.

Using the Master Files solution, you can link documents from Document Management to the desired Master File, for example TMF, DMF, SMF and PSMF. As soon as a new document version has been verified in document management using digital signatures and becomes effective, the new document version is updated accordingly in the Master File. This means you and your organization are always ready for audits and inspections.

This means no static ZIP files that become outdated the first time changes are made and then have to be repackaged again. Likewise, Master Files has the great advantage of showing you missing documents, so nothing stands in the way of inspection readiness. We do not charge extra for the Master Files solution, so the functionality is included in the current pricing.

The development status can be followed on our Open Product Roadmap. Interested in getting a preview of the Master Files solution? Click here to register.

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