Autopilot für Trial Master Files

Your autopilot for Trial Master Files

Our Master Files solution for Trial Master Files is now online. Now you can easily link documents to your Trial Master File within seconds. Each new document version is automatically synchronised with the trial master file. The result: You are … Read More

Master Files - TMF, SMF, DMF, PSMF

Master Files – Autopilot for Trial Master Files, Drug Master Files and all other Master Files

After plenty of feedback from our customers and other interested users, we will develop the Master Files solution module in the coming weeks. Using the Master Files solution, you can link documents from Document Management to the desired Master File, … Read More

Neue Open Product Roadmap - Docuply

Our new Open Product Roadmap is available

Our new Open Product Roadmap is available and replaces our old Open Product Roadmap. The new Product Roadmap offers the advantage to rate single feature proposals. To do this, you have to click on a feature map and then rate … Read More

Docuply goes online!

After intensive preparation, numerous interviews and one or the other night shift, our team is pleased to announce the launch of the collaboration and document management platform Docuply. With the launch, we are bringing document management for the pharmaceutical and … Read More