Master Files

Master Files

With the help of our master files feature, you can semi-automate your master files individually and save valuable time in your day-to-day business while increasing inspection readiness at the same time.

Create your master file and link your maintained documents to the relevant sections of the master file. In the case of a Trial Master File (TMF), Docuply already offers the CDISC TMF reference model out of the box. This eliminates the annoying creation of folder and subfolder structures. Once linked, new, verified document versions are automatically attached to the relevant TMF without any manual intervention. This allows you to conveniently automate your TMF and other master files.

The overview of your master file can also be shared with external parties. Simply invite your external partner and grant them access rights to the TMF. You can then easily navigate through the individual zones and sections.

The following features will be available in the future:

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What experts say about us

"Many companies struggled with isolated IT solutions and the major challenge of how to apply or adapt the established IT systems in the necessary interaction with more and more external business partners in order to meet regulatory requirements at the same time. For this, the young start-up Docuply offers a very simple and at the same time very flexible solution that is ready to use thanks to its cloud architecture."

Timur Güvercinci
Timur Güvercinci
GMP Consultant, tGMP-Consulting